Modernly equipped dental practice Žiža Popović Dent is located in Novi Sad and offers a wide range of dental services that will make your teeth perfectly healthy and aesthetically beautiful. Dental health is of great importance for the health of the whole body, which is made up of systems that are connected to each other. It is therefore very important to keep oral health and the whole body in perfect shape.

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With the desire to always be healthy and to keep your smile perfectly dazzling, practice Žiža Popović Dent offers dental services in the following areas:

 - Conservative and esthetic dentistry
- Dental prosthetics
- Child and preventive dentistry
- Periodontology and Oral Surgery
- orthodontics

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Branch of medical tourism that becomes more and more popular is dental tourism. Serbia has become popular by the services that provides to all the people who decide on this kind of tourism because it combine pleasure and usefulness!

The largest city of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the northern province of the Republic of Serbia is Novi Sad, a town located on the border of Bačka and Srem, it lies on the banks of the Danube river in the Pannonian plain and on the northern slopes of mountain Fruška Gora.

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Phone: 021/30 11 609

Mobile: 069/ 144 96 56


Address: Somborska 1A/33; Novi Sad
Bulevar Patrijarha Pavla 1a